Product Overview

  • Drive: Electromechanical or hydraulic drive through a 270 degree system (European Patent No 1595050).

  • Hinges: 25mm diameter stainless steel pins, DU self lubricating plain bearings, and ball thrust bearings with stainless steel covers.

  • Leaf Folding: Rack and pinion system.

  • Gate structure is manufactured from propriety mild steel.
  • Two drive options available, dependent on site and size requirements.
  • Two installation options: surface fix, for existing surfaces usually within a building or where it is difficult to provide submerged foundations. Or subfix where it is possible to cast new foundations.
  • The bi-folding method of gate operation requires considerably less power to operate than conventional swing gates and also has less wind effect. This combined with the 270 degree drive results in a relatively lower powered and thus safer drive.
  • Leading edges of the leaves are fitted with electrical rubber safe edges, which if in contact with an obstruction will stop the operation of the gate.
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